"Expert's Excerpts from the Jungle Journals- Life in the Midst of the Missed"
Less morbidly, an amiable and avidly cute kitten has made our home, complete with
two large, toothily endowed dogs, his resolute choice of abode. I call this perseverance.
Fondly recalling, while cuddling one day, his antics displayed in catching and eating his
first tiny prey (a crunchy June-bug) I imagine his soft pelt tangent my skin is but a hot
pursuit. Sometimes, in play, he can be rather pernicious, and someday these vices he may
outgrow, yet all in all by his craft and sleight of paw he has won our hearts, and this love I
call perfection. It is rare indeed one, perchance, might encounter so pervasive a purr as
endowed as our kitty is. For a final name to call him by I have arrived at 'Precious Little'.