I decided to try recording a reading of The Tell-Tale Heart and went up into the attic to do it. Its full of dusty antiques and has a great horror ambience with its exposed brick and vaulted ceiling. I made the recording in one take but had to cut out a ton of noise from the neighborhood (though I left in my mistakes). Also the end of my performance was ruined because someone came home then and wondered why I was upstairs carrying on so awfully. I quieted down but kept recording anyway so what was meant to be a crescendo into a fever-pitch is now all in hushed tones. I added some background sounds to mask some of the annoying traffic. The creepy swooshes are actually just more of the same traffic sounds treated with reverb effects. Funny how the heartbeat I added is the same noise our neighbors used to make each night at two am in the years before their baby arrived, only their noise lasted a little bit longer and ended in both shrieks as well as moans.
For my next recording I will baffle the mic and record late at night when there's less traffic outside.

Performed and recorded by Lucas Bass at Lifeblood Studio NYC.
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