A musical interpretation of our wildflower garden, including its bugs and birds.

The music of Mr. Bass celebrates life's complete and utter chaos and the collusion of events in which comprehension is found in its midst; it embraces the chaos of his surroundings and transforms it into a state of balance. He leans on dissonant harmonies– 7ths, 9ths, the tritone–in a search for the true nature of existence; an acknowledgement of the dark and light that comprises the whole. Changing meters and circular rhythms lend each piece an organic quality that also reflects the heart of nature, ever in constant variation. The straight line does not exist in nature, nor is it found in Lucas' music.
–Ivy Adrian

"I am more interested in facilitation and discovery than in the precise and finite goals which others have already sought and attained so masterfully. I am an instigator who seeks to reveal the nature intrinsic to something rather than wrest from it only that which I consider valuable. I listen to an instrument, for example, and by doing so it reveals to me a vital, evolving essence. I am not ashamed to reveal processes nor do I seek to refine, or rather to conceal my evolving self. I shun the tombs of perfection."

All instruments performed, drummed-up and percussed by Lucas Bass as well.

Recorded at Lifeblood Studio NYC.