Various improvisational performances by Lucas Bass and Ivy Adrian recorded by Lb® at Lifeblood Studio NYC. a science of the global nature of systems..... a science of process rather than state; of becoming rather than being.
–James Gleick

This piece is about dissonant states of mind, about the plastic highs and forlorn lows. Misery and a deep inner suffering are very familiar to me, yet unlike mainstream society I feel these wintery states have value and so I tend to indulge them when they occur. They are always accompanied by an equally intense inner listening from within the womblike cushion invoked by withdrawal from mundane affairs. Aviary Overtones attempts to recreate this shifting of consciousness and lead one on a tour of a hellish kind of death-like peace. Here the listener is immersed in realms of suffocating darkness, led on by a distant midnight's bird calling to a clearing where there is light and remembering.

I may re-record this with different instrumentation. I feel I went a bit over-board with the over-tones.

©2012 Lucas Bass
Lb® Lifeblood Studio NYC