Lifeblood Studio is among the last in a list of names I've come up with over the years for my company and brand. It dates back to the years I spent in San Juan, 1992-95, about the time when I was phasing out of the Fiat Lux, Inc. brand. When I first acquired an internet presence in 2003, and for a few years afterwards I would occasionally do searches on the various names I've come up with and absolutely nothing had been indexed in my search results for Lifeblood anything (surprisingly enough) until 2008 or 2009. Now there is a plethora of Lifeblood everything! Its a good name for a lot of things and it also fits what I'm about quite nicely, yet I've had many of what I believed were far more original ideas which turned out to be almost commonplace when poking around on the net.
While the Universe is definitely expanding (I am constantly filling up the seams of my apartment with caulk) the horizons of human creativity seem to be receeding to some degree. This culture of one-upmanship has helped to succeed in homogenizing the art market into a morass of suburban pathology (there's a gallery on every corner and in every bar and restaurant you can get some) while promoting the notion that to have aspirations of aestheticly or culturally expansive virtue is simply arrogance. As if loudly declaring human existence is inherently worthless a spoilt and bratty garbage culture litters its likeness everywhere and revels in its own imperious familiarity...