Part One of a seven part series on themes of Earth and Spirit. This film is about comparrissons in states of matter––illustrating the similarities between water, air and stone––with a bird as the symbol of spirit that soars through it all.

I recorded Ivy's improvised musings on cello (as heard in this piece) and various other instruments (ranging from double bass to celesta, as will be heard in other segments) live in one long overlapping, unplanned, free-running take with no break: firstly the primary theme, then the double-stops and harmonics played with effects (including a synth randomiser send which gives the recordings their occasional weird stammering echo, and a ring modulator send was also used in parts), and I have left them in their primal state exactly as recorded; unedited–raw and intense, and have finally set them like jewels into fittings of time and place. Because these recordings inspired many spontaneous visions, some obscure, some crystal clear, it soon became evident that for others to follow I would be required to place the music into a visual setting guided, inspired and informed directly by the music in all its unbridled glory, hence the video.

During the few days of capture the temperatures rolled between 5º and 22º F and the rocky coast was slick with ice. It was often quite windy, too, and I clung to the tripod for support and to keep it from blowing over at times, though its hard to tell in the few breezy shots that made it into the edit. At one point we were evacuated due to very high gusts of 80-100MPH and so I was forced to miss the very best opportunity for photographing the ferosity of the vision. On clearer days I never-the-less managed to capture enough footage to somewhat match the craggy ponticello bowing, the soaring, splashing notes and the shimmering rivulets of Ivy's wild cello musings. Dzov is meant as an intro to the far more wild and intense music which follows in the series. I have already begun working on settings for those pieces as I write this, and plan a feature release of the whole work sometime in the future. For now, enjoy this little debut.

"Dzov" is the Armenian word for 'Sea.'